A selection of Wimborne member's work.

front view

Kate Paterson workshop 1


Kate Paterson workshop 2

front Betty

Kate Paterson workshop 3

reverse Bettys

Kate Paterson workshop 4

Sue Fenwick Fay Maxwell workshop book cover

Michelle Legg Goldwork

Michelle Legg Goldwork

June Buxton work in progress

Maureen Beale Unframed Cherry Blossom Time

Doff Davies Badger Sett

Annette Williams Kingfisher & little friend

Chris Hepburn Decorated book cover

Bernie Smith Hoop from Fay Maxwell workshop

Annette Williams Christmas box

Beryl Eady book cover

Beryl Eady blue book cover

Amanda House, Fay Maxwell book cover

project completed copy
Embellished Landscape

An embellished landscape panel by Paula Munden.

Fabric Boxes

A selection of fabric and embroidered boxes made by Annette Williams.


8" Hoops "Inspired by the Sea" Craft4Crafters competition


8" Hoops "Inspired by the Sea" Craft4Crafters competition